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Villa Argento is far from the center of Palermo about 20 minutes by car.
Below is a brief description how to reach by public transport or by car.
For more information about the position in geographical maps, please visit the link: Location

Public transport:
From Falcone Borsellino airport (Punta Raisi)
From the airport you can take the metro bus "Prestia & Comandè" and reach the central train station of Palermo. Continue along the station Bagheria.

To get to the metro station, from arrivals, go downstairs. Metro has a frequency of 30 minutes /1 hour, depending on the time of arrival.
PFor more information visit the following website: TreniItalia
Type from: Punta Raisi to: Palermo Central - Bagheria.

To get to the bus stop of the "Prestia & Comandè": from arrivals go out, turn right and continue straight on for 50 meters. The frequency of the bus and '30 minutes.
For more information visit the following website: Prestia e Commandè

At the central station read the instructions below "From the central station …"

Dal porto di Palermo

From the central train station of Palermo destination Bagheria.

By Car:
From Falcone Borsellino (Punta Raisi)
From Airport (km.55), A29 motorway towards Palermo, continue to A19 direction Catania-Messina, Bagheria exit, follow the signs for Aspra-Mongerbino.

From the central station of Palermo or the Palermo harbour (Km.10 approx)
Take the state road SS113 towards Messina Ficarazzi Bagheria Aspra-Mongerbino.

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